Wednesday, April 6

A special thanks for you mom..

How are you today..?
hope it's better than yesterday...
I'm writing you this..
because i'm afraid that i'll not have enough time to say it after this...
i can feel that it will kill me at any moment..
at any time..
before i couldn't express this feeling in front of you..
i hope that one day..
there are someone that want to read this and translate it to you...
i love you mom..

i know in my heart that you are my soul mate..
i thank God everyday for gifting me a best mom and the only one in this world..
 and for the wonderful relationship that we share together..
all my dreams and hopes are for you..
and though you might not always see the way i do things now..
i know you always trust me to do my best...
i miss you mom..

you know whenever i feel down and sad...
you calling me to know either i'm doing goods or not...
even i keep it as secret...
you still can found me out..
i remember you talking  to me softly and keep telling me that..
everything's going to be fine..
i know you have faith in me..
so i do my best to get through all my troubles with you as my model of strength...
i want to see you mom..

even when we're apart..
believe me..
when i say you will always be in my heart...
i'll never forget the way you held me when i thought i had no one to turn to..
i cannot thank you enough for being there for me..
even when you're really so far away physically..
i miss you..
and i always love you...

maafkan daku.. english berterabur.:D

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